And The Chefs Say...

We take great pride and personal satisfaction knowing that the best in the business use only fusionchef™  and JULABO USA equipment and services in their cutting-edge operations. Now pick up what these rock stars are putting down!

Fusionchef™ Ambassadors

Hervé Malivert’s
Chef: Hervé Malivert’s

Chef Hervé Malivert’s two passions are Judo and cooking. While he was a part of the Olympic National team of Judo, he was also pursuing a challenging culinary career.

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Richard Rosendale, CMC
Chef: Richard Rosendale, CMC
Roots 657

I have found fusionchef by JULABO circulators to be the most dependable and accurate brand on the market.

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Jamie Simpson
Chef: Jamie Simpson
The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chefs Garden

JULABO is constantly innovating new technology that offers flawless temperature control while simplifying the processes for cooks.

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Brad Kilgore
Chef: Brad Kilgore
ALTER & BRAVA by Brad Kilgore

When we are creating recipes, we rely on accuracy and consistency. The JULABO machines provide a world-class version of both.

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David Kinch
Chef: David Kinch

Sous vide technique has become an important part of our vegetable, fruit and shellfish preparations at Manresa Restaurant.

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Steve McHugh
Chef: Steve McHugh

At ​Cured​, we are handling cuts of meat that need hours of tenderizing, and that is where the JULABO Fusionchef™ Sous Vide shines.

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Peter Barlow
Chef: Peter Barlow
Stephan Pyles Flora Street Café

Since the moment I first saw JULABO work I was in awe. I remember it was 2012 and I was at Animal in Los Angeles.

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Christopher Sayegh
Chef: Christopher Sayegh
The Herbal Chef

I would like to acknowledge the sheer brilliance of the hardware. It stands up to pretty much anything, all while keeping the temperature of the alkaline water bath at a tenth of a degree precision.

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Alex Seidel
Chef: Alex Seidel
Fruition Restaurant / Mercantile Dining & Provision

I have been using my Fusionchef™ circulators for a year now and before that time, I never knew this quality and precision was available.

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Tarver King
Chef: Tarver King
The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

Fusionchef™ has been a big turning point for our kitchen. We now have a lot more confidence in our tools, as well as much more precision in our techniques.

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Alfonso Contrisciani

“I would highly recommend fusionchef by JULABO circulators to every food service operation.”

Chef: Alfonso Contrisciani

Matt Brimer

“The JULABO circulator has been a crucial tool in many kitchens I’ve worked in.”

Chef: Matt Brimer

Maverick Restaurant

sho shaun hergatt

“In the SHO kitchen we only use the JULABO circulators.”

Chef: Shaun Hergatt


Alex Chen

“The JULABO thermo circulator was the most important equipment I brought with me to the Bocuse d’Or competition in 2013.”

Chef: Alex Chen

The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows

Bryan Skelding

“When I think of quality, I think of JULABO. Time and time again they stand up to the competition in durability and performance. A must-have for any serious culinarian.”

Chef: Bryan Skelding

The Greenbrier Resort

Ken Harvey

“Machine is amazing! Quite efficient, stable and good lookin’.”

Chef: Ken Harvey

Loews Ventana Canyon

Bruno Goussault

“I started using the JULABO heating immersion circulators in my laboratory for microbiology analyses in the 1970s.”

Chef: Bruno Goussault

Cuisine Solutions

Sterling, VA

Heiko Antoniewicz

“The Julabo circulator is an all-rounder suitable for multi-purpose use in the sous vide kitchen to conserve the structure of fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables.”

Chef: Heiko Antoniewicz

“I love progressive cooking and FusionChef never disappoints. Who doesn’t want to make food perfectly and showcase it to friends, family or to guests at your restaurant? The Pearl model of sous vide machines are top notch with precision cooking and on top of that it’s built to last.”

Chef: Christopher Anderson

Hutton Hotel | West End

These are just a few of the responses we receive on a monthly basis. Sous vide is not new, but the modern chef is now making this cooking process a staple in their kitchens. Ready to make sous vide a staple in your kitchen? Click the product tab above OR check out our videos showcasing all the features our top two sous vide series have to offer.

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