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Being HACCP-compliant can be a real pain, drain and migraine if you have to start from scratch. With fusionchef's™ compact yet robust HACCP Solutions Package preloaded on a USB drive, it's a matter of hours not weeks before you are HACCP-compliant.

If you had to tackle HACCP compliance by yourself, you could end up spending thousands upon thousands of dollars hiring a HACCP consultant, wasting valuable time creating your own spreadsheet or even worse, writing and recording everything by hand. Time wasted is money lost in our business… or more hours tagged onto your long workweek. Let our HACCP solutions package and the features of our Diamond circulator do the work for you and free you up to work on what you really want to be doing with your time…creating epic food!!

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Fusionchef by JULABO

Sous vide cooking requires precise control of temperatures and timing. Fusionchef™ offers premium levels of sous vide solutions and support to commercial kitchens worldwide.

Consistent Results
Consistent Results
A great chef knows that you need more than just perfect ingredients to craft delicious and inspiring plates. Sous Vide machines, like the Pearl and Diamond, ensure consistency and reproducibility every time; which is perfect for Michelin rated restaurants, chains, and everything in between.
Data Logging
Data Logging
Fusionchef™ by JULABO is a pioineer of monitoring, recording, and analyzing data from your sous vide process. The integrated temperature probe on our Diamond circulator combined with our HACCP solutions package tackles this laborious process for you and frees you up to focus on making that money!
Temperature Control
Temperature Control
Accuracy to 1/100th of a degree, over the course of your entire cooking process, guarantees you can count on duplicating your recipe to your exact specification each and every time.

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“What is HACCP? It’s a necessity not just to protect the establishment but also a requirement if you are using reduced atmosphere packing or modified atmosphere packaging. [It ensures] your food is safe and consumable for your guest. More importantly, you can actually prove that’s the case.”