JULABO introduces its new fusionchef™ website and shopping cart

Now fully responsive with secure shopping cart

Allentown, Pennsylvania: fusionchef™ by JULABO introduces its new website, www.fusionchef.us , featuring an encrypted shopping cart, chef ambassador product reviews and collaboration videos with Corporate Chef, Dustin Selvaggio. The custom, fully responsive website makes it easy for chefs to navigate through the site whether they’re in the kitchen, out sourcing fresh ingredients or anywhere in-between. Users can now find detailed product information, recipes and tips from well-known chefs, all on one comprehensive site.

fusionchef’s™ site streamlines the buying process by offering both product information and culinary content in one easily navigable site. Chefs can quickly decide which product best suits their needs and easily order everything they need to get started.

Today’s culinary market is changing rapidly. The shortage of labor, rising food costs, and a more educated customer base demands that chefs embrace tools and techniques that can offset these challenges. The new fusionchef by JULABO website: www.fusionchef.us recognizes these dilemmas and works diligently to provide the modern chef with cutting edge tools and services that stand up to the challenge.
– Dustin Selvaggio, Corporate Chef

The site focuses on a broad range of sous vide products, including:

Every product features a full description, product specifications and recommended usage for the professional chef or home user.

In addition to comprehensive product information, the new site also features educational content and recipes from well-known chefs. The product videos, testimonials and recipes help both chefs and home cooks get the most from the fusionchef™ products. If an immediate answer is needed, visitors can use the custom chat feature on the site.

About JULABO fusionchef™: Founded in 1967, JULABO is the global leader in precision temperature control equipment. Today they are proud to manufacture, upgrade, and support all fusionchef™ by JULABO immersion circulators. Their sous vide machines and modern kitchen tools are designed with an exacting level of precision and durability never before seen in the culinary world. JULABO’s knowledgeable team of chefs and scientists continuously work to design, test, and craft tools that will take your food further and are waiting to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.

Why Buy fusionchef?

Precise temperature control prevents over-cooking, under-cooking, and food waste. Our products allow you to automate your cooking, preparation, and execution through advances in heating and cooling technologies. fusionchef is a division of JULABO USA, the experts in laboratory and industrial temperature control. Our culinary tools make it easy for you to deliver high-quality food, beverages, and frozen desserts without fail. Even the most discerning diners will be impressed.

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