How To Cook Sous Vide: From Prep & Seal To Plate & Serve

How To Cook Sous Vide

From Prep & Seal To Plate & Serve

You want to start cooking sous vide – maybe you’ve heard great things, maybe you still need to learn a bit more – but you want to do it right.

Excellent. That’s what we like to hear. The chefs, engineers, and scientists at fusionchef™ by JULABO salute you – because when it comes to the kitchen, doing things right is the only acceptable option.

Follow these simple steps to unleash the unbeatable results and uncompromising consistency of sous vide cooking in your kitchen:


Dial the cooking time and target temperature into your fusionchef™ Pearl or Diamond Immersion Circulator and allow enough time for the bath to come up to temperature.


Choose fresh, raw ingredients. The sous vide method is simple and requires little preparation other than safe food handling and portioning. Just add your favorite herbs, spices and oil or butter as desired.


Vacuum seal the prepared food (below 38°F, 4°C) to lock in natural flavors, seasonings, nutrients, and juices.


Place the vacuum-sealed product into your fusionchef™  insulated stainless steel tank (or plastic cambro) for the predetermined cooking time.


The timer on your fusionchef™  Pearl Immersion Circulator or the temperature probe on your fusionchef™  Diamond Immersion Circulator will alert you when the target internal temperature is reached or your cooking process is complete. While your immersion circulator is harnessing the laws of physics to cook your product, devote that extra time to plating and enhancing your guests’ experience.

  • If you need to:
    If you don’t plan on serving the product right away (and want to get ahead and gain control over your prep process), cool it in a bath of ice water or a commercial grade blast chiller and store it until service.
  • Refresh It
    Just before serving, return your chilled bag to the water bath to heat the dish to your target serving temperature.


Once the food has reached the target doneness, remove the bag from your fusionchef™  water bath. Let it rest and then simply sear, grill or sauté for additional texture.


With less time spent monitoring the cooking process and more freedom for creativity and presentation, you can really inspire your guests.

It’s really that easy. It’s really that delicious. It’s really that awesome. So…ready to give it a try? Well, before you do, perhaps you would like to see what our top-of-the-line sous vide machines can do. Check out our Pearl and Diamond sous vide product videos by clicking below to see all the features they offer!

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Fusionchef by JULABO

Sous vide cooking requires precise control of temperatures and timing. Fusionchef™ offers premium levels of sous vide solutions and support to commercial kitchens worldwide.

Consistent Results
Consistent Results

A great chef knows that you need more than just perfect ingredients to craft delicious and inspiring plates. Sous Vide machines, like the Pearl and Diamond, ensure consistency and reproducibility every time; which is perfect for Michelin rated restaurants, chains, and everything in between.

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Data Logging
Data Logging

Fusionchef™ by JULABO is a pioineer of monitoring, recording, and analyzing data from your sous vide process. The integrated temperature probe on our Diamond circulator combined with our HACCP solutions package tackles this laborious process for you and frees you up to focus on making that money!

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Temperature Control
Temperature Control

Accuracy to 1/100th of a degree, over the course of your entire cooking process, guarantees you can count on duplicating your recipe to your exact specification each and every time.

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