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Tomorrow’s Chefs Will Shape Our Future But Will They Be Ready?

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Food is something we all have in common, and the way food is managed, processed and prepared matters. In many ways, our future depends on how we approach food. How we eat is becoming an increasingly important part of conversations related to fair trade, human rights, poverty, health, the environment, and politics.

The decisions made by chefs can have a significant impact on people, cultures and the planet. Chefs that adopt a holistic view of food preparation will have an advantage. Professional cooking is about more than finding the best ingredients and preparing them to a set of standards; it’s about the entire supply chain, the people eating the food, the kitchen environment and culture, profit margins, waste reduction, stress management, environmental impact, safety, technology and so much more.

Sous Vide Cooking, Temperature Control and Our Future

Over the last few decades, food preparation has changed. Modernist techniques such as sous vide cooking and temperature control equipment like the HotMixPro address some of the issues that are at the forefront of cultural conversations. Better temperature control can help mitigate food waste, food costs, and the continuous stress of operating a professional kitchen. It can also help chefs prepare and deliver food that’s safer, more nutritious and delicious.

Fusionchef, the leader in high-quality commercial temperature control products, has seen how an investment in equipment and technology can be an investment in something more — our future. It’s why fusionchef has created a discount for culinary training programs. The package is designed to help tomorrow’s chefs explore how specific cooking techniques can make a big and lasting difference. Through this effort, fusionchef is donating part of its proceeds in the form of a discount off its minimum advertised pricing.

Introducing fusionchef’s discounted package for culinary schools

  • Discounted pricing for any culinary school, program, or institute.
  • Includes the essential equipment needed to add sous vide cooking to the curriculum.
  • Provides a 10% donation to your school by discounting fusionchef’s sous vide equipment from its lowest advertised price.
  • Allows student to master equipment used by used by top-notch culinary facilities.
  • Introduces students to the technique used by many Michelin Star chefs and James Beard Award winners.
  • Advances culinary programs and increases enrollment by offering hands-on preparation on modern equipment.
  • Reinforces the student’s understanding of how cooking decisions affect bigger outcomes.
  • Prepares students for jobs that require the latest skills.

Package and Pricing

Sous Vide Package
Qty:       Item:
1             Diamond M Circulator
1             Medium Separating Grid
1 pr.       Medium Retaining Grids
1             Diamond Clarity Package
MAP Price $3,606.16
Discounted Price $3,245.54

HotMixPro Package
Qty:      Item:
1            HotMixPro GASTRO
1            HotMixPro SMOKE
1            Additional Replacement Bowl w/blade
MAP Price $2,835.00
Discounted Price $2,551.50

Benefits of Sous Vide in Culinary Training and Kitchen Applications

  • Reduces food waste due to consistent temperature cooking and less over-cooking.
  • Provides precise and consistent execution of recipes with less stress.
  • Diminishes food and ingredient costs by allowing maximum taste for all cuts of meat and ingredients.
  • Limits the need for additional ingredients and provides healthier options that require less oil, salt, sugar, and other additives.
  • Allows kitchen staff to prepare food in advance and bring it up to temperature as needed.
  • Cuts down potential food contamination.
  • Maintains more of the food’s key nutrients than traditional cooking methods.
  • Reduces product and ingredient shrinkage.
  • Provides maximum consistency and control over food preparation.

Invest in the Future Today

If your school is ready to further its culinary program by helping prepare students for the future, give us a call at 1-877-436-CHEF (2433) or 610-231-0250. Want it sooner? Request a quote and choose “Culinary School” in the drop-down menu under “What culinary sector do you work in?”