Guarantee Consistency with Every Recipe

Commercial kitchen equipment with precise temperature control

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Better foodservice results start with our advanced temperature control equipment. Get the professional tools you need to deliver consistent, high-quality food every time.

  • Guarantee consistency
  • Enhance flavors
  • Reduce food waste
  • Save time and money
  • Automate your recipes
  • Streamline operations

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Enhance Flavors

Reduce food waste

Automate your recipes

Address labor shortages

Empowering the Chefs
of today and tomorrow

Fusionchef™ by JULABO Fuels Northampton Community College’s Curriculum And On-campus Restaurant.

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Why Buy fusionchef?

Precise temperature control prevents over-cooking, under-cooking, and food waste. Our products allow you to automate your cooking, preparation, and execution through advances in heating and cooling technologies. fusionchef is a division of JULABO USA, the experts in laboratory and industrial temperature control. Our culinary tools make it easy for you to deliver high-quality food, beverages, and frozen desserts without fail. Even the most discerning diners will be impressed.

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