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Commercial cold smoker for fast infusions

HotmixPRO Smoke

The HotmixPRO Smoke is an innovative, first-of-its-kind way to safely and quickly infuse smoke flavors and aromas using a liquid infusion. Unlike traditional slow smoking methods and smoking guns, the smoke and its essence won’t evaporate. The HotmixPRO Smoke allows you to infuse the flavor and aroma of wood smoke to cheeses, sauces, dressing, creams, beverages, cocktails, meats, and more. Connect it to the HotmixPRO Gastro thermal food processor for additional functionality.

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Smoke Infused Food & Beverages

Cold, fast, liquid smoke infusions are easy to master with the HotmixPRO Smoke

  • Unique tool for cold, fast, safe, smoke infusions
  • Flavors and aromas don’t evaporate with the smoke
  • Infuse smoke directly into liquids & ingredients
  • Low temperatures prevent the development of bacteria without cooking the product
  • Reuse the smoke-infused liquid in other recipes
  • Use a variety of wood chips for different flavors

How the HotmixPRO Smoker Works


Fill the vacuum chamber with liquid and your choice of ingredients such as fish, meat, or cheese. Or fill the chamber directly with creams, oils, and sauces for direct infusion.


Close and secure the chamber to the top part of the smoker.


Add your choice of wood chips to the top compartment. Light the wood chips with a lighter, match, or kitchen torch. Turn on the HotmixPRO Smoker and adjust the airflow.


The smoke moves into the chamber, under vacuum, and forces the flavors and aromas into the product, while the low temperature prevents the product from cooking.


The smoke quickly and safely infuses the liquid and whatever ingredients are in the chamber.


Turn off the machine, remove the product, and set aside the remaining liquid to use in other recipes.


The smoker can also be attached to the HotmixPRO Gastro to add smoke directly to processed ingredients.

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