Turn up the heat on your processing.

High-speed thermal food processing for commercial kitchens

HotmixPRO Gastro

Meet the commercial-grade thermal mixer that allows you to chop, cut, blend, agitate, stir, emulsify, knead, heat, caramelize, and more in the same bowl.

This safe, multifunctional power player offers the degree-by-degree temperature control you need to program, record, and flawlessly execute recipes every time. Add the HotmixPRO Smoke to the mix for cold, fast, and safe smoke infusions.

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Multitask like a Pro

without the stress

The HotmixPRO Gastro puts you in control of your food processing

  • One machine for all your processing needs: chop, mix, blend, stir, emulsify, agitate, knead, heat, liquefy, caramelize, steam, poach, fry, and more
  • Program and record recipes for perfect, consistent execution
  • Reduce the number of tools you need in the kitchen
  • Small footprint, portable design
  • 12,500 RPMs and 1,500 watts of motor power for fast processing
  • 170 pre-programmed recipes
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A Thermal Mixer Designed for Commercial & Pastry Kitchens

Create and accurately reproduce sauces, jams, doughs, desserts, beverages, soups, risottos, creams, and more. For the Pastry chef, the degree-by-degree control allows you to perfectly carmelize and temper chocolates for incredible pastries, desserts, and memorable treats.

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Breaking down a HotmixPRO Gastro

Hot Mix Pro Features

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Precise temperature control prevents over-cooking, under-cooking, and food waste. Our products allow you to automate your cooking, preparation, and execution through advances in heating and cooling technologies. fusionchef is a division of JULABO USA, the experts in laboratory and industrial temperature control. Our culinary tools make it easy for you to deliver high-quality food, beverages, and frozen desserts without fail. Even the most discerning diners will be impressed.

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