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Commercial Sous Vide Solutions from fusionchef


Powerful immersion circulation for commercial sous vide cooking

The fusionchef™Pearl offers all the core functions you need to master professional sous vide cooking. Combine this powerful, commercial-grade circulator with your choice of bath tank sizes, ranging from 3.4 gallons to 15.3 gallons. Don’t want a bath tank? No problem. Our bridge mounted Pearl pairs easily with a Cambro.

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Advanced sous-vide machine for high-volume, automated cooking

Diamonds are a girl’s and a chef’s best friend. Automate your sous vide cooking with 15 customizable pre-sets, three timers, and data logging software for HACCP compliance. This fail-proof approach to sous vide is perfect for busy, high-volume kitchens. Bath tank sizes range from 3.4 gallons to 15.3 gallons. You can also bridge-mount our fusionchef™Diamond circulators directly on a Cambro.

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Questions about Sous Vide?


Sous Vide Your Way to Foodservice Success

Commercial sous vide cooking offers a full menu of benefits.

  • No over-cooking, under-cooking or food waste
  • Saves money in labor, food, and ingredient costs
  • Reduces the risk of food contamination
  • Allows you to prepare food in advance and finish it on-demand
  • Requires fewer ingredients, including salt, oil, sugar, and additives
  • Improves food quality, taste, texture, color and nutritional value
  • Clears space on the line & reduces heat & stress in the kitchen

The Commercial Sous Vide Process

From Prep & Seal to Plate & Serve

Follow these simple steps to unleash the unbeatable results and uncompromising consistency of sous vide commercial cooking.


Dial it in

Dial the cooking time and target temperature into your fusionchef™ Pearl or Diamond Immersion Circulator and allow enough time for the bath to come up to temperature.


Commercial Sous Vide FAQs

Choose fresh, raw ingredients. The sous vide method is simple and requires little preparation other than safe food handling and portioning. Just add your favorite herbs, spices, and oil or butter as desired.


Seal It

Vacuum seal the prepared food (below 38°F, 4°C) to lock in natural flavors, seasonings, nutrients, and juices.


Cook It

Place the vacuum-sealed product into your fusionchef™ insulated stainless steel tank (or plastic cambro) for the predetermined cooking time.


Walk Away

The timer on your fusionchef™ Pearl Immersion Circulator or the temperature probe on your fusionchef™ Diamond Immersion Circulator will alert you when the target internal temperature is reached or your cooking process is complete.


Chill It

If you don’t plan on serving the product right away (and want to get ahead and gain control over your prep process), cool it in a bath of ice water or a commercial grade blast chiller and store it until service.


Refresh It

Just before serving, return your chilled bag to the water bath to heat the dish to your target serving temperature.


Finish It

Once the food has reached the target doneness, remove the bag from your fusionchef™ water bath. Let it rest and then simply sear, grill or sauté for additional texture.


Plate It

With less time spent monitoring the cooking process and more freedom for creativity and presentation, you can really inspire your guests.

Commercial Sous Vide FAQs

Curious about the sous vide process, its benefits, or why to buy from fusionchef™? Check out our Sous Vide FAQs

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Precise temperature control prevents over-cooking, under-cooking, and food waste. Our products allow you to automate your cooking, preparation, and execution through advances in heating and cooling technologies. fusionchef is a division of JULABO USA, the experts in laboratory and industrial temperature control. Our culinary tools make it easy for you to deliver high-quality food, beverages, and frozen desserts without fail. Even the most discerning diners will be impressed.

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