It’s Here: The Appliance that Addresses your Biggest Kitchen Headache

At some point in time, even the most well-designed kitchens run out of space. There doesn’t seem to be enough surface area to do all the things that need to be done. Creativity is constrained by the number of burners available, and with so many hands in the kitchen, food preparation can seem like an ongoing negotiation or frenzied race to the finish.

Space limitation isn’t just a headache; it’s a liability affecting food quality and safety, worker safety and well-being, sales, profits, menu selection, efficiency, staff turnover, timing, and more. It’s often impractical to redesign and remodel a kitchen for better flow, and the chances are that remodeling the space will only solve part of the problem. But, there are practical things you can address, including equipment.

Announcing a Powerful Space-Saving Appliance

Specific equipment and appliances can make a powerful difference in how commercial kitchens function. The HotMixPro Gastro is one of the most versatile commercial machines for saving both space and time in the kitchen.

Earlier this year, fusionchef, the leader in high-quality temperature control equipment, picked up the U.S. distribution rights for the HotMixPro Gastro, a dynamic, commercial-grade, thermal mixer that plays an important role in expanding kitchen capabilities without taking up a lot of space. See the HotMixPro Gastro video.

More recently, fusionchef, engages chef Shola Olunloyo of Studiokitchen where he agreed to test the equipment and help promote the product as a brand ambassador. “When it comes to the HotMixPro, there’s no real comparison to anything else on the market,” Olunloyo concluded.

What the HotMixPro Gastro Can Do

Olunloyo, or “Shola” as he’s known in the food industry, was immediately taken with the appliance and its ability to “increase cooking surfaces and capabilities without taking up much space.” He was struck by how easy it is to create things like curds, jams, jellies, custards, condiments, ice cream, doughs, risottos, vinaigrettes, and sauces like hollandaise and béarnaise without using multiple vessels, pots, bowls, and utensils.

The HotMixPro takes the stress off the stovetop and puts control it one powerful machine that’s equipped with a durable 1,500-watt motor, speeds up to 10,000 RPM and degree by degree temperature control in 1°C increments.

A Sample of HotMixPro Gastro’s Processing Capabilities:

Expanding Creativity Using HotMixPro Gastro

The HotMixPro Gastro amplifies creativity and allows chefs to produce what Shola calls a “superior product with a texture and consistency that’s far more pleasing.” Beyond what you might consider doing in a thermomixer, Shola has also been experimenting with the product’s smoking attachment.

Inspired by the cold and hot emulsion capabilities, Shola has been experimenting with “smoke as a flavoring agent.” “I’m looking to create things like smoked buttermilk ranch dressing and smoked olive oils using the HotMixPro Gastro,” Shola said, further adding that the HotMixPro Gastro provides a safer solution to capturing the flavor of smoke while limiting the dangerous exposure to creosote.

Time Saving Benefits: Ease of Use & Programmability

In addition to its space-saving and creativity expanding benefits, the HotMixPro Gastro is one of the easiest commercial appliances to use. It comes with more than 170 recipes programmed into the machine and the capability to record and program custom recipes and processes on its SD card.

The programming feature allows lead chefs to record their steps so that other kitchen staff can replicate processes and recipes exactly and consistently. Easy enough for any kitchen staff to use, the HotMixPro Gastro allows more experienced staff to turn over a lot of functionality to less-experienced team members without having to oversee every step of the process.

For a full introduction to the HotMixPro and how it can expand your capabilities and creativity, as well as give you some much needed additional space and time, call us at 1-877-436-CHEF (2433) or 610-231-0250. If you’re already intrigued and eager to make more space for a HotMixPro Gastro, request a quote.

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