The Versatile HotmixPRO Gastro

This versatile, programmable, thermal mixer allows you to chop, cut, blend, agitate, emulsify, knead, heat, and more in the same bowl. Made for commercial environments, the HotmixPRO Gastro offers degree-by-degree temperature control, along with the power and safety needed to process multiple commercial recipes.

Create, program, and accurately reproduce sauces, jams, doughs, desserts, soups, risottos, beverages and more. It's also perfect for caramelization and tempering chocolate. Add the HotmixPRO Smoke for cold, fast, and safe smoke infusions for cheeses, sauces, dressings, creams, beverages, liquids, meats, and more.


  • Replaces other equipment
  • Reduces the number of tools required for common recipes
  • Saves space with a small footprint and portable design
  • Easy to program and your own recipes
  • Allows anyone to execute pre-programmed recipes
  • Comes equipped with more than 170 pre-programmed recipes