Unbeatable Results, Uncompromising Consistency

You don’t have to be a Michelin Star Chef to get into sous vide cooking. 

Sous vide is French, translating to “under vacuum.” But let’s not get caught up in the packaging aspect. Vacuum sealing is part of the process – and it certainly helps to retain moisture, flavors and aromas, plus extend product shelf life – but it’s not the defining characteristic. 

Temperature control. That’s the game changer. That’s what the sous vide method is all about.

Precision, Durability & Reliability in the Kitchen” and “Flexibility for the Chef & An Excellent Experience for the Guests

By using a sous vide machine (we recommend one of our laboratory-grade immersion circulator/water bath combinations), you can set and hold a target temperature that’s well below boiling. Low-temperature cooking allows you to hit your perfect doneness without having years of experience under your belt or adhering to the tyranny of the kitchen timer.

Your food will be cooked evenly from edge to center, and consistently from dish to dish. When the food reaches your target temperature, simply remove it from the water bath and let it rest. Then, give it a quick sear or other finish (if you so desire) and serve. Another option is to chill it and save it for later, taking advantage of the longer shelf life you get with vacuum sealing. *The current version of the FDA food code requires that any sous vide done in the commercial food code must have an approved HACCP variance on file. Our HACCP solutions package can put this laborious necessity on autopilot.

Flexibility for the Chef & Experience for the Guests

With traditional cooking methods, you’re dealing with high heat, fluctuating temperatures and the tyranny of time. Even with a meticulous eye on the timer, results are likely going to vary with conventional cooking equipment and methods. This means variations from dish to dish, and from product to product unless you pay top dollar for every cook in your kitchen.

Leave food in a pan, oven or grill for a few moments too long, or don’t take into account carry-over cooking, and you’ve overshot your target doneness.

With sous vide, you’re freed from those strict constraints. A few extra minutes (or hours) spent at a target temperature in a sous vide machine is not going to ruin a dish. In fact, it can blow your guests’ mind… think of perfectly tender and moist medium rare short ribs! Lower cooking temperatures and better control make it next to impossible to overcook. You can even have your food ready and holding at the desired temperature to be finished at a moment’s notice when the ticket comes in. No more waiting for food to finish cooking before you can serve it. Say goodbye to long ticket times!

Say AU REVOIR to cooking with strict constraints and variable results.

Say BONJOUR to uncompromising consistency & higher cost savings!

I’m Ready To Sous Vide

How sous vide is sure to please:

Great for restaurants, while camping, at home, in dorm rooms, on cruise ships, etc. + exceptional results when jarring, canning, pasteurizing and infusing, etc.

Virtually no overcooking possible due to high control & low cooking temperatures + more time for meal prep & dining experience, etc.

Less fats, salts and spices needed due to containment in vacuum bag + reduced nutritional loss, etc.

Vacuum-sealed pouches help retain juices, tenderness and aroma for more succulent food, etc.

Reliable, Scalable:
Even texture/doneness from edge to center + consistent reproducibility from dish to dish (critical factor for caterers and restaurants), etc.

Prep & cook multiple sous vide portions, chill & store in your refrigerator or freezer and then thaw or reheat in water bath at same target temperature, etc.

HACCP data-logging software available with fusionchef™ Diamond Immersion Circulators , etc.

Cross-contamination is eliminated since each item is in its own vacuum-sealed pouch, etc.

Suitable for dietary restrictions (e.g., Kosher and gluten-free), etc.